Dear Colleagues,

Dr. Nazim Cerkes It is my pleasure to invite you to the “Open Rhinoplasty Live Surgery Course” which will be organized as an educational activity of Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery between 29 March - 1 April 2018.

In the past 11 years I attended many international aesthetic plastic surgery and rhinoplasty meetings as faculty and performed several live surgery demonstrations.

There is no doubt that rhinoplasty is the most complex aesthetic operation which requiers a long learning period, expertise and skill. On the other hand functional part of this operation is extremely important and must be performed adequately by a rhinoplasty surgeon.

During this live surgery course I aim to teach all my surgical techniques in both primary and secondary rhinoplasty based on an experience over 5000 rhinoplasties in 25 years.

During 3 days I will perform 8 rhinoplasties on specifically selected patients to demonstrate my surgical techniques and on the last day, I will give a theoretical course, which will cover all aspects of aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty including patient analysis. Out of eight, three cases will be secondary rhinoplasty and structural reconstruction of the nose will be performed using rib cartilage.

The surgeries will be transmitted to the meeting hall in high definition. The participants will be able to see all details and ask questions during the surgeries. For each surgical demonstration I will receive five or six participants to the operating room. At the end of each surgical day the surgeries will be discussed with the participants and questions will be answered.

I believe that, this Course will be a unique opportunity to learn the newest techniques on Open Rhinoplasty.

I look forward to seeing you in Istanbul.

Prof.Dr.Nazim Cerkes
President of The Rhinoplasty Society of Europe
Vice President of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Past President of the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery